CNC Fiber Laser Jordan

HTECH-HTF-3015LN Fiber Laser Cutting 3kw Quotation

1. 3000*1500mm working surface
2. Fiber Laser Source:IPG brand
3. Power:3000W
4. Laser Head:  Raytools
5. Auto-Focus: YES
6. Control System: Cypcut
7. Working Table: Single
8. Servo-Motor:  YASKAWA
9. Gear and Rack:  YYC
10. Motor Reducer: MOTOVARIO Reducer
11. Electronic Component:  SCHNEIDER
12. Pneumatic Components:  SMC
13. Bearing:  NSK
14. Screw:  TBI Ball screw
15. Guide Rail:  HIWIN
16. Automatic Exhaust System: Yes
17. Cooling Type: Water Cooling
18. Protective glasses: One Pair
19. Beam: Aviation Aluminum Beam
20. Special Function: WIFI Control
21. Automatic lubrication system

Service Description

We provide Fiber Laser machine services to metal sheets cutting that help us form various beautiful Elevator Cabins designs and styles.

Also we provide its services to other companies and customers who want to complete any kind of metal sheets cutting to their projects.

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