Hello! We are Jordan Elevators Co.

Hello! We are Jordan Elevators Co.

Top Quality And The Best Service Elevators Company In Jordan.

Top Quality And The Fastest Service Elevators Company In Jordan.

25+ years in the industry and experience.

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We are very fortunate to work with these amazing partners

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  • Swing Doors

    Swing Doors

    Swing doors with multiple sizes in Jordan

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  • Selcom Doors (Automatic)

    Selcom Doors (Automatic)

    Selcom doors from Italy, Turkey, and China with multiple sizes.

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  • Fermator Doors (Automatic)

    Fermator Doors (Automatic)

    Spain manufacturing with multiple sizes

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Sicor Gearbox

Montanari Gearbox

TopGear Gearbox

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  • Vacuum Laminating

    Vacuum Laminating


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  • Plasma Cutter

    Plasma Cutter

    Plasma Cutter Hypertherm plasma table kit for custom sheet metal fabrication

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  • CNC Fiber Laser

    CNC Fiber Laser

    CNC Fiber Laser machine equipped with power of 3000kW

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  • Roomlesss Elevators

    Roomlesss Elevators

    Elevators of this type are widely used in work centers, health, cultural and educational services.

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  • Food Elevators

    Food Elevators

    Or (Dumbwaiter Elevator). Generally used in restaurants, hotels and villas to bring food from the kitchen to other places

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  • Hospital Elevators

    Hospital Elevators

    As for their movement speed their speed ranges between 0.4 meters per second and 3 meters per second.

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  • Freight Elevators

    Freight Elevators

    It is possible to produce elevators with a bearing capacity between 500 kg and 5,000 kg.

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  • Panorama Elevators

    Panorama Elevators

    Jordan elevators are distinguished by providing the latest and most luxurious types of panorama elevators.

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  • Hydraulic Elevator

    Hydraulic Elevator

    It works on the principle of an electrically driven pump that pushes pressurized hydraulic fluid

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  • Quadro Control Panel

    Quadro Control Panel

    Quadro control panels are widely used on elevator systems and hydraulic systems

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  • 2 Speed Control Panel

    2 Speed Control Panel

    2Speed control panel that comes with fixed speed: FAST and SLOW

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  • VVVF Control Panel

    VVVF Control Panel

    VVVF inverter Control panels can fit perfectly into any elevator system

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Global Shipping

With our global freight services, you can order your elevator project from anywhere.

Time Managment

We deliver and finish your project on time, along with maintenance services.

Quality & Insurance

Only high quality products and services are delivered.

CNC Services

We provide CNC services for wood carving and laser and plasma machines for metal cutting.

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