Food Elevators Jordan

This type of elevator, which is also known as a service elevator, is generally used in restaurants, hotels and villas to bring food from the kitchen to the place where the food will be eaten, and the food and food users are placed inside.

The load bearing capacity of these lifts ranges between 50 kg and 300 kg, and stainless steel is used to equip these lifts from the inside in order to maintain cleanliness.

In food elevators, because they generally do not take up much space, the guillotine doors are preferred and used as the main door for them. It is possible to prepare and place shelves according to the customer’s desire.

  • Roomlesss Elevators

    Roomlesss Elevators

    Elevators of this type are widely used in work centers, health, cultural and educational services.

  • Panorama Elevators

    Panorama Elevators

    Jordan elevators are distinguished by providing the latest and most luxurious types of panorama elevators.

  • Hydraulic Elevator

    Hydraulic Elevator

    It works on the principle of an electrically driven pump that pushes pressurized hydraulic fluid

  • Hospital Elevators

    Hospital Elevators

    As for their movement speed their speed ranges between 0.4 meters per second and 3 meters per second.

  • Freight Elevators

    Freight Elevators

    It is possible to produce elevators with a bearing capacity between 500 kg and 5,000 kg.

  • Electric Elevator

    Electric Elevator

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