JEC (Jordan Elevator Company) proudly presents our Quadro Control Panel, a powerful and reliable solution specifically designed for hydraulic elevator systems. Renowned for its exceptional performance, versatility, and safety features, our Quadro Control Panel is the ideal choice for elevators operating in buildings with various floor configurations. Let’s delve into the detailed information about this advanced control panel:

Quadro Control Panel


  1. Enhanced Collective Control:

    • The Quadro Control Panel supports both full collective and down collective modes, enabling efficient elevator dispatching in buildings with up to 13 floors on full collective and up to 16 floors on down collective.
    • This versatile collective control ensures optimized passenger transportation and streamlines the elevator operation within the building.
  2. Comprehensive Safety Measures:

    • Safety is of paramount importance in our control panel design. The Quadro Control Panel incorporates full safety controls to the lift structure, ensuring secure and reliable elevator operation.
    • With a robust set of safety features, including speed regulation and full control over lift doors, passengers can enjoy peace of mind while traveling in the elevator.
  3. Gong Activation and Arrival Notification:

    • The control panel activates the arrival gong on floor levels, providing audible signals to indicate the elevator’s arrival.
    • This feature enhances passenger convenience and facilitates easy recognition of the elevator’s presence, ensuring a smooth and seamless entry experience.

4.Seamless Operation with Different Loads:

    • The Quadro Control Panel effortlessly works with all types of loads, accommodating varying passenger capacities and operating smoothly regardless of the elevator’s occupancy level.
    • This adaptability ensures optimized performance and efficient handling of diverse passenger traffic demands.

5. Fire Emergency Add-ons:

    • We prioritize emergency preparedness. Our Quadro Control Panel comes equipped with fire emergency add-ons, enabling swift response and safe evacuation during critical situations.
    • These add-ons seamlessly integrate with fire safety systems, enhancing the control panel’s functionality and ensuring passenger safety in emergency scenarios.

Elevate your hydraulic elevator system with JEC’s advanced Quadro Control Panel. With enhanced collective control, comprehensive safety measures, gong activation, compatibility with different loads, fire emergency add-ons, and VIP controls, our control panel ensures smooth and secure elevator operations.