Panorama Elevators Jordan
مصعد بانوراما الاردن

Jordan elevators are distinguished by providing the latest and most luxurious types of panorama elevators, which are distinguished by their distinct shapes and types, and the cabins are distinguished by revealing the external places clearly from inside.

Panorama elevators can be installed in two systems:

The first system: can be installed in machine rooms that contain traction ropes.

Panorama elevators second system:

The second system: It can be installed without machine rooms with the hydraulic elevator system, and the machine can be placed at the bottom of the elevator on the ground floor, which works by pumping oil to the piston located at the bottom of the elevator.

مصعد بانوراما عمان
  • Roomlesss Elevators

    Roomlesss Elevators

    Elevators of this type are widely used in work centers, health, cultural and educational services.

  • Food Elevators

    Food Elevators

    Or (Dumbwaiter Elevator). Generally used in restaurants, hotels and villas to bring food from the kitchen to other places

  • Hospital Elevators

    Hospital Elevators

    As for their movement speed their speed ranges between 0.4 meters per second and 3 meters per second.

  • Freight Elevators

    Freight Elevators

    It is possible to produce elevators with a bearing capacity between 500 kg and 5,000 kg.

  • Hydraulic Elevator

    Hydraulic Elevator

    It works on the principle of an electrically driven pump that pushes pressurized hydraulic fluid

  • Electric Elevator

    Electric Elevator

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